Different county, different ways of raising their children. What are their first babyfoods? How do they discipline their children? How do they celebrate birthdays? How do mothers carry their babies? Where and how do children sleep? What do they enjoy doing? .... find out and how do they differ from your country?
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Going Out
The long winter can become very lonely time unless you make the effort to go out and socialize. Seek activities and events for children especially if they are under 3 years old.
Child Benefit
If you have a child, you may be eligible for child benefit. They will calculate the amount according to your income. Even a bit helps.


Immunization shots are almost mandatory and you have no choice. The governmet will make sure your children get all the shots required before entering pre-school.
Child Obesity
Obesity is almost an epidemic in the U.S. Pediatricians, nurses and teachers are all repeating, 'eat plenty of fruits and vegetables"


Drug Stores
In Mexico city, you may find drug stores almost at every block. Those who cannot afford to see a doctor, rely heavily on medicine.
High Altitude
Because of the high altitude, your child may need sunglasses to protect their eyes when they go out.


Vinegar for fever
Soak the socks with vinegar and it will work, to lower the fever.
Bicycle ride
Wherever you go, you take your bicycle in Austria. Children ride at the back in their "child car seat"?, no "child bicycle seat".
Bugs in the woods
Watch for those bugs in the woods, they carry the disease called, Teken. Children can be immunized to prevent Teken.


Start with fruits
Babies' first food can be fruits in Belgium.
Clean hands
Children in Belgium seldom wash their hands before having their snacks. I guess everything is quite clean there.
Moms back to work
After 3 months, mothers usually go back to work. In other words, the kids are placed in day care as early as 3 months old.

Czech Republic

Home visit
Where do doctors make home visits these days? Czech, yes. You don't have to take your baby suffering from fever to the doctor. They come to visit your baby.
Thumbs up for working mothers
Majority of the women work in Czeck. They get a year off after their first child is born, and 2 years off after their second child is born. They also get part of their pay.
Sick leave
It's amazing that in Czech, you can even get a week off to attend to your sick child. Fabulous. Great system


Care for the children with special needs
Children with special needs are well taken care in Denmark. Social workers make sure that one gets the service he/she needs.
Denmark emphasizes creativity and imagination on children.


Free medical
England has a universal health plan called NHS. Children do not need to pay for any medical expenses. The plan even covers dentistry up to age 18 and if you are a full time student, you will be covered even up to 19.
Shoes that fits
Just because toddlers have soft feet does not mean that they require soft shoes. In fact, those little ones who are just beginning to walk need a good leather shoes that will fit them well and with shoe laces. The shoe shops registered with Children's Foot Health Register will have consultants who will measure every aspect of the child's feet to match them with the perfect shoes.
Naughty chair
It is the custom of England to send a child to his room or to place him / her in a naughty chair when they were not behaving. The English also takes away privileges from children when they had done something they were not supposed to.


Fever medicine
Fever medicine works miracles. It can be used for aches and pains as well. Even when your child is teething, the doctors recommend medicine for fever. it works faster because they use it from the bottom.
Hats hats hats
Children in Finland can be wearing hats throughout the year. Especially winter time when they need to cover their ears from frost bites.
Drink water
It is said that you can drink tap water in Finland. It is recommended that kids drink more water than those packed sweet fruit juice.


Buttons at the back
Paris is the center of fashion. Even baby clothes are designed so nicely.Many have buttons and zippers on the back so the design in the front will not be interferred
Prescriptions lined up
When you go to the doctor's office, you will be surprised to see many envelopes attached to the bulletin board. These are prescriptions. In France, you can discuss the symptoms with the doctor and he/she may just write you a prescription.
All sorts of daycare centers
It is surprising to see many different kinds of daycare centers in Paris. Every parent has different needs and require different kinds of daycare settings. Not one center should fit all the needs of French families.


Doctors and vacation
Doctors in Germany take vacation every season, so that is 4 times a year and 2 weeks long each. So, you can expect the doctor's office getting really crammed up before he is to leave for his vacation. But the doctors take turns taking vacation and there is always a back up doctor while your main doctor is away.
Going to bed early
Children are sent to bed early in Germany, and as early as 7pm. Besides, children's TV program ends at 7pm, unlike the US where we have cartoon channels way beyond midnight.
Man and Women are equal
Germans believe in equal partnership between men and women. Boys are taught to say, OK to serve tea to women or play house if he wants to.


In Italy, father is the central figure in the family. He is respected, he sits at the best spot at the dinner table, usually the head of the table where he can see the entire family.
Rabbits for meal?
Rabbit meat is not rare in Italy. Even small children, as young as infants eat rabbit meat.
How do Italian babies take in protein? They have cheese. They would powder the cheese and then make it in a little ball size for toddlers to eat as finger foods.


Health Station
After the child is born, he/she is taken care at the Health Station. They would do the immunization, nutrition check, developmental assessment, nursing advice, family planning, and more.
Watch out for those poisonous snakes.
Precious sun
Take every opportunity to be exposed to the sun, because the sun is so precious in Norway. Even day care staff would wear a bikini when the sun is out


It's really cold
It can get really cold during winter. You need to really bundle up. Kids wear boots that has thick bottom and boots that comes up close to the knee.
Waiting list
Public education begins from preschool and public preschools are quite popular. One needs to be on the waiting list in order to be enrolled.
Helpers from abroad
You can get domestic help in Poland, but some come from Russia. You might have trouble communicating with them when they don't show up for work, as they may not have phones at home.


Late dinner
Even little children will have dinner at 9pm just like the adults, so between lunch and dinner, they usually have snack around 6 or 7pm.
Beef as a start
What does babies in Spain have for their first food? They have beef.
Babies that smell nice
Even babies wear eau de toilette, so Spanish babies smell soooo nice.


Childcare leave
Even fathers take a leave in order to raise their children.
Free medical care
Isn't it wonderful that dentist is also covered by insurance? All medical care is taken care, one need not worry about co-payment, or health insurance. Of course it is paid indirectly by their taxes.
Big fat tires
With the snow so deep during winter, Swedish strollers need to have strong, big, fat tires on the wheels.


Layers of clothes
Some parts of China can get really cold. The Chinese tend to place layers and layers of clothes over small children that you think they can hardly walk.
Crack in their pants
I could not believe this crack in the middle pants until I actually saw them in Beijing. Yes, these small children wear this pants so they can do their business when they are ready.
All day toilet training
Toilet training starts early, as early as before they turn 1. They can end up sitting quite some time over the potty.


Baby Massage
Baby massage is not new or a trend in India. It's been practiced for centuries. Babies, even after 15 days of birth, they are given this oil massage. From head to toe, they are massaged and then the care giver sprinkle chick pea powder, and rinse them off with warm water at the end.
No diapers
In industrialized nations, we spend a lot of money purchasing disposable diapers. However, in India, those who are starting to walk are free from diapers. They just don't have them on. How free it may feel to run around without the bulky diapers on them.


Western vs Eastern medicine
You will find pharmacy all over Seoul. But when you take a close look, you will find that there are Western and Eastern pharmacy. In Eastern pharmacies, they have all sorts of herbs, tree barks, bones, animal parts, etc. They would usually steam it and add water or brown sugar to make it easy to go down your throat. Even children take these herb medicine.
High expectation
Koreans place high value on education. They send their children to after school activities. Going to English classes have been popular these days and children learn to write before they enter school.
Piggy back babies
Koreans carry their babies on their backs. They securely tie their babies, wrapped in a quilting blanket. This tiny baby was only few months old, but he was held well.
Car accident
They say that the top cause of injury is car accident. I have noticed that the drivers in Korea were rough on the road. Children fear walking on sidewalks so they take the school bus even to walking distance kindergarten.


Have you heard of a fruit name Durian? It's a fruit that has very strong distinct smell, and when it's the season, it is said that kids get sick a lot around that time.
In some preschools in Malaysia, you can expect kids from many races. There are the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans, comprising the class.


Nursing until 4
In some rural region of the Philippines, babies are breast fed until about age 4. That's pretty long, isn't it, well, according to whose standard?
Coconut juice
Have you ever tried coconut juice? it's crystal clear and taste a bit sweet. It's the drink for both children and adults.
All women in one bedroom
Women all sleep in one bedroom and the men in the other. So when I say women, that includes, mother, sister, aunts, and whoever belongs to that gender.


Winter can get very long in Russia and the cold won't keep them indoors all winter. Even the small babies will get the opportunity to go out to get fresh air every day.
Heavy Stroller
The snow can really build up in the winter, but, that doesn't stop the babies to go out. The strollers there are heavy, equipped to go through some toughest snow packed roads. Even the wheels are big and build for the snow.


Shave their heads
It is believed that if you shave your head, then new strong hair would grow out. Even little girls, babies are shaved.
Use of nebulizer
Cities like Buenos Aires has problems with the pollution. Many children are affected by it and have asthma. Almost every household has a nebulizer to stabilize their symptoms.
Watch your step
When you walk on the streets of Argentina, you must be aware of what you are stepping on, because often times you end up stepping on the most unpleasant scent and texture. Yes, here in Argentina, there is no law that one has to pick up after your dogs.


Depends on your insurance
One can find a tremendous difference in treatment, depending on the insurance you have. If you have private insurance, chances are that you will have your own private room, whereas if you do not have it, you might be in the basement with 10 other patients.
Take in salt
In order to avoid pre-eclampsia, most women are told to have less salt than usual, but in Sao Paulo, because the land is dry, the doctors will tell you to take a lot of fluid as well as salt, so that you won't be affected by the low blood pressure. Salt to be taken from Olives, now that sounds very Brazilian.
C-sec in demand
Cesarean section is very popular in Brazil. In some hospitals it can be as high as 95%


Children of Peru have to wake up very early in the morning to go to school. So they have very light breakfast. However, their snack is almost their lunch. They have big portion of snacks.
Bus stops may be non-existent in some parts of Peru. You get off where you want to get off and you board the bus from wherever. You just raise your hand and the bus will stop for you.


People of Peru will try to stop the child's hiccups by placing a white paper over their forehead. They have to paste it using their saliva.
Babies carried
Have you noticed that people in rural areas, they don't use a stroller, they carry their babies because the roads can be rough. But in Peru, they carry their baby because when you put the baby in a stroller, she/he can be kidnapped.


Protect your skin from the sun
The sun can be quite strong and harmful to children's skin. The media advice parents to protect their children's skin by wearing a hat that has an extension of cloth to cover the back of their neck.
Feels good to be on bare feet
Kids in Australia, do not like shoes. They love to be out on their bare feet. So you might see children running around without their shoes on. Not because they can't afford shoes, but more so because it feels good without them.
Lots of green fields
Many school grounds of Australia are covered by grass. Again, it must feel nice to their feet.

New Zealand

Can't stand the heat
Kiwi kids not just can't eat hot stuff, but also, they can't take hot shower. They like it nice and lukewarm, almost to the extent of having a cold shower.
Uniforms in school
Most private schools have uniforms in New Zealand, but it was not like that in the past. They also wear Slave Sandals which are made out of used tires.
Eucalyptus leaves
The leaves itself is poisonous, but the extracted oil can be useful in soothing your breathing.


Imported medicine
The influence of France is still strong in Algeria. They depend on European medicine that is imported for their use, especially ones from France.
You will be surprised how bilingual Algeria is. Arabic and French. For example, your maid may speak Arabic and your driver may speak French. I am sure your children will pick up both languages very quickly.


Chicken Pox
Locals say to dip the child in water with salt in it, twice a day, to sooth the skin.
Watch Dogs
You will see many houses with watch dogs. They look big and strong, yet the children love to pet them, so be careful.

South Africa

Children of South Africa can be bitten by spiders if you are not careful. If it happens, the doctor prescribes antibiotic cream as well as antibiotic pills to take in orally.
Raised beds
You may wonder why beds are raised in some areas of South Africa. It's because it is believe that the devil can climb up the bed and hurt your child. This devil is known to be small, so if you raise the bed, then they will not be able to climb up to hurt the child.


Some parents cannot send their children to school because they cannot pay the tuition. So, when they get money, they send the children to school, but when they can't pay the next month's tuition, they have to keep the child home.
Parents are always concerned about their babies being bit by mosquitos. So they have nets over the stroller, over the bed, and even over the playpen.