If you are planning to have your baby away from your home country or planning to raise children in a foreign country, looking for information and advice, then you have come to the right place.

At Care the World, we have information on birth practices and child raising practices of over 100 countries. We also provide counseling to families living overseas and those who have returned home.

Birth Practice of the World ..... Every country has it's own unique way of spending thier time during pregnancy, some dos and don'ts, delivery methods, and celebration of birth. Come see how different they may be from your country.

Child rearing practice of the World ..... Every culture raises their children in a differnt way. How do they discipline children? What's their first food like? How do they carry their babies? Do you see any similarities or more differences?

Birth Overseas ...... If you are planning to have your baby in a foreign country, you would want to know; is their hospitals and doctors who speak English? how do I make my birth plan? what will my hospital stay be like? how do I register the birth of my baby?

Raising Children Overseas ...... If you are planning to raise your children in a foreign country, you would want to know; what are some disease I need to be aware of? how can I protect my children from these disease? how are treatments different? do they have English speaking preschools? How do I retain my kids' first language?

Birth in Japan .... Do you plan to have your baby in Japan? Well, rest assure. We have all the information you need to know about having your baby in Japan. The booklet will provide you with detailed information as to; how to register your pregnancy so that you can get all the benefits such as free check ups, the dos and don'ts during pregnancy in Japan, the 1 week long hospital stay, etc.

Consultation .... Nora Kohri, the founder, has over 30 years of experience being a consultant to the expatriate families who gave birth and raised children overseas. She will give tips on life abroad, what to expect from the host country whether religion or culture or customs or weather, what to take, what not to take, kids' immunization schedule, etc.

Counseling .... Nora Kohri is a clinicl social worker, who will support you, encourage you, mentor you, when you are down, lost, confused, stressed, lonely in the place away from home.

Your Story .... We would like to hear from you, Your Story about how your birth experience was and your experience raising children overseas. Please share with us by spending few minutes to answer the questionnaire.

Donation ..... If we were able to help you or if you would like to see our website expand with more informatio on overseas birth and child care, please help us with your donation.

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