Nora Kohri is a clinical social worker and a counselor. She received her training as a clinical social worker at Columbia University, School of Social Work, and received her Masters in Social Work. She is a licensed master social worker. She has over 30 years of experience as a counselor, focusing on supporting the expatriate community. She has lived overseas for most of her life. She has lived in extreme cold climates as well as the extreme hot climates. She has lived in industrialized countries as well as developing countries. She has lived in the city as well as in remote regions. She knows what it means to be multi-cultural. She knows how it feels to be uprooted from one country to another. She has experience on overseas birth and raising children overseas. She herself was raised overseas; she is an Adult Third Culture Kid.
If you have issues with;
  • Difficulty adapting to the new country or back to your own country
  • Came to the country with hope and energy, but It's not working out
  • Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety
  • Relationship issue with local neighbors and co-workers
  • Relationship with your spouse
  • Intercultural, inter-racial marriages, relationship
  • Relationship with your children or your teenagers
  • Raising children in a foreign country
  • Understanding your Third Culture Kids (those raised overseas)
  • Confused with one's identity
  • Miscarriage or Death of a child in a foreign country
  • You are not alone. Talk to someone who understands. Let me help you. If you would like to receive counseling, contact us, and choose the payment below . Face-to-face counseling and phone counseling is also available.


    The fee for counseling over the phone is $75. The fee for face-to-face counseling is $150. The duration will be 45 min for both.

    1 month - US$150 -

    ・Somewhat complicated
    ・Require more attention
    ・Require more time

    3 months - US$430 -

    ・More complicated
    ・Require long-term
      ・Require more guidance