Care the World provides service to guide you through the stressful transition or issues you face abroad. Consultation will be provided through email, unless you live in NY, CT, or NJ and prefer face to face. Please note that there is a fee for this service. We have helped families with following issues.
  • Should I have my baby here or should I go back home?
  • How will the oversea's move affect my child?
  • How can I help my child go through the transition?
  • What are some signs I need to be aware of when my child is struggling to settle in?
  • Not sure which preschool or kindergarten to choose.
  • If I decide to put my child in the local school, what do I need to keep in mind?
  • What can I do at home for my child to retain her native language?
  • My child seems to be confused being exposed in a multi-lingual environment.
  • We are back home, but my child is not adapting well.
  • You do not need to suffer alone. Talk to someone who understands, who have gone through what you are experiencing. Let us help you. If you would like to receive counseling, contact us, and choose the payment below.


    If you prefer to talk over the phone or face to face consultation, please contact us. The fee for phone consultation is $75. The fee for face to face consultation is $150. The duration will be 45 min for both.

    2 weeks - US$75 -

    ・when time is limited
    ・quick inquiry
    ・want to give a try

    1 month - US$150 -

    ・need more time
    ・issue needs more attention
    ・require advice and opinion<

    3 months - US$430 -

    ・complicated issues
    ・follow up required
      ・need long term guidance